9 Ways How to Increase Instagram Followers Organically

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This is 7 ways how to Increase Instagram Followers Organically

Right now, it seems like it’s harder than ever to grow your Instagram organically. So many of us have been experiencing a drop in engagement and follower numbers, which can be extremely frustrating when you’re sure you’re doing everything right.

In fact, it can be so frustrating that lots of people are turning to third-party apps that promise to grow your Instagram account through automatic engagement. It’s can be quite tempting – after all, you just want your engagement to get back to normal! But tempting though it might be, it really is too good to be true 😞

Using Instagram ‘bots’ can actually result in Instagram restricting the visibility of your content, limiting your account or – even worse – disabling your account altogether. You might have already heard of the Instagram shadowban, a term used to describe the nightmarish situation above. There are quite a few things that Instagram doesn’t like you to do, and using bots to generate fake likes and engagement is one of them.

You’re probably thinking “If I can’t use bots, how am I supposed to grow my Instagram organically?! It seems near impossible!”

Well, impossible is nothing, my friends!

In this article today, we’re going to focus on 9 techniques to grow your Instagram organically, without buying followers, using bots, or any other shady practices.

9 Ways To Grow Your Instagram Organically

1. Research your target audience thoroughly

There’s no long-term benefit of promoting your content to people who have no interest in you and merely want a like back. They’ll unfollow you in no time, and you’ll be left wondering where it all went wrong. There’s no loyalty there, really. Nil. Nada.

If you get your target audience on Instagram right, you’ll get a higher engagement rate, and this means your posts will appear higher up in your followers’ feeds. It’s a win-win.

There are a few things you can do to better understand your target audience on Instagram.

Get an overview of the demographic makeup of your follower-base, including age, gender and location. Then, try to research more in-depth stats, like when your followers are online (to make sure you post at the right time) or what language they use, etc.

Keep an eye on your competitors with a similar target audience – what kind of imagery are they posting? Do they post captions? And if yes, what do they say there and what tone of voice do they use? Focus on the most successful posts of your competitors and then break it down to understand the most probable reasons that post worked so well with their audience.

If you want to know something, just ask! Ask your existing audience about their favorite kind of Instagram content and the accounts they’re following. Ask them in your next Instagram post or Story, and wait for the useful insights to roll in!

Kim Kardashian got it right when she asked her followers for feedback to step up her Insta game. So why don’t you do the same?

In any way, to grow Instagram followers organically, you need to make sure that you deliver at the right time, according to your audience’s expectations. Which leads us to the next point:

2. Plan ahead

OK, so you have an idea of who your audience is, you know what your competitors are up to, you know what kind of content works well in your industry.

Now, it’s time to think about your content strategically. In other words, don’t post anything you’re not totally sure about, stick to your brand ‘look’, and use a scheduling tool to plan your feed in advance, making sure everything fits together visually before you post.

Planning ahead can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your feed.

Plus, if don’t plan and just post everything at once, you’ll run out of content, and that sure ain’t gonna bring you new followers!

3. Like and comment on accounts similar to your own

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