7 Reasons Why People Choose iPhone than Android

There are two most widely used smartphone operating systems today, iOS and Android. Although the price of android smartphone is cheaper, but the iPhone users remain loyal and do not move to buy android.

Their loyalty to Apple products is definitely no excuse. Jaka has gathered some of the possible reasons. Here are 7 reasons why people prefer choose iPhone rather than android.


1. Branding that iPhone is More Cool

The marketing team of Apple is indeed successful in making their products look luxurious and premium. Starting from design, features, to marketing strategy. Surely you also feel guys? Many impressions that appear on iPhone users like “use iPhone more cool”.

2. Believe that the iPhone is more durable


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for those who like to use one smartphone for long periods until their old smartphone, iPhone is suitable. Because Apple allows old users to keep the operating system updated on their old HP, although it certainly does not run smoothly in the latest model.

3. Have a Simple Interface


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IPhone users feel iOS have a look and a simple user interface rather than android. iPhone also has its own feature of Siri which makes it easier for users in the activity.

4. No Bloatware


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Unlike the android that will be filled bloatware when first turned on, the iPhone does not have it. In iOS users can uninstall all applications that they do not want, while in android there are default applications that can not be uninstalled. It certainly affects the memory capacity.

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5. Tight Performance


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The Bionic chip embedded on iPhone devices makes this smartphone work faster in heavy work. For example, to edit 4k quality 4K duration video, iPhone X win easily from their opponents.

6. New App, Launc first on iOS


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When developers want to release their new apps, they usually choose to launch it in iOS first. One reason is the development of its application is easier than the android.

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7. Already familiar with Apple’s environment


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Those who buy new Apple products are mostly old users. They must also use other products such as MacBook or iPad. The integrated system of many of these gadgets makes them difficult to get out of this environment. Due to move to android it will be quite difficult to move their data.

The final word

That’s 7 reasons why people prefer iPhone than android. Every operating system must have its own advantages and disadvantages, all depends on the user’s convenience. If you’re an iOS team or an Android guys team?

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