5 Reasons Why Buy iPhone X Is a Mistake

Nah feels yes, if it’s ten years the iPhone is present in our lives. Apple also celebrated with the release of an exclusive iPhone ie iPhone X (read ‘ten’ or ten) which was launched simultaneously with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

He said, iPhone X is claimed as the most sophisticated iPhone today. But even so it turns out iPhone X still reap a lot of gossip loh.

Now Jaka just want to know the facts aja about iPhone X, which definitely make you sure to GAK NEED BUY IPHONE X. But, before continue watch the following video.


5 Reasons Why Buy iPhone X is a Mistake!

1. Body Design from Glass

The first reason for not having to bother outin buy money iPhone X is because the body is made of glass. Not just front doang, but back too.

So for you who are frivolous like dropping a smartphone, not just a cracked screen, but you can make a whole body crack.

Yes, if you have an iPhone X means you must be ready to be born mentally to treat well so do not fall and crumble to pieces.

Yes, although the glass material used is claimed very strong, but you definitely do not want to take risks instead. The solution, you must install tempered glass front rear and also must use case. Uh, but surely more cool if the iPhone X just ‘naked’.

2. Home button disappears

Another innovation from Apple on the iPhone X, it adds a long list of reasons to not need to buy this super premium smartphone. It is the removal of Home button and Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The screen size of the iPhone X 5.8 inches is very wide, covering almost all parts of the smartphone so as not to leave a place for the Home button.

Well, to replace the role of the Home button, users simply touch the screen to wake up iPhone X. While to return to the home screen, users simply swipe the finger from the bottom of the screen to the top.


3. Spesifikasi yang Tidak Berbeda Jauh dengan iPhone 8

The next strong reason that makes me more confident to not buy iPhone X is the specification. Except for design and camera, the iPhone X specification is also identical with iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus.

Equally able to record 4K resolution video with 60 fps. Memory options are also the same as iphone 8 a maximum of 256 GB.

Plus the flagship A11 Bionic iPhone X chipset, which you will find also on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, of course at a cheaper price.


4. Face ID

Face ID is a security technology embedded in iPhone X for the process of locking or authenticating mobile users. However, the use of the Face ID security system for smartphones is essentially nothing new.

Only, only iPhone X that makes Face ID as the only way, to authenticate the user. Without a fingerprint scanner sensor or Touch ID, you can not imagine it. Yes, the ends you most often typing passcode.

5. Price Approximately 15 Millions Rupiahs or About $1111

The last reason that would make a parent ngamuk-ngamuk if you ask buy iPhone X is especially if not the price.

For the iPhone X 64 GB starts from Rp13 million. As for the capacity of 256 GB you have to spend up to Rp15 million. If you enter Indonesia, the price will probably touch Rp20 million loh.

Yes, actually not surprising and would still have any interested. Indonesian people so, nyesel deh Apple has not opened an official Apple store in Indonesia.


Final Word

So seriously want to buy iPhone X? Hmm .. Well ya, based on information from the smartphone investigation team in China, they found that the total price of components used by the iPhone X allegedly only about Rp5, 5 million rupiah.

Yes, certainly not including the cost of development, promo, and others. Still, compared to other mobile phone manufacturers Apple is known to take the most profit loh. What do you think?


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