5 Cheap Best Quality Drones

5 Cheap, Best Quality Drones


The use of drone in the era of milineal today, making the need for photos and videos requires the good angels from above the air. The use of drones is very necessary in taking photos and videos ..

The following 5 drones are cheap but have good quality …
1. Hubsan X41.


This drone has the size of a fist, but it can still carry out 360-degree acrobatic maneuvers and is equipped with a 6-axis gyroscope to help increase stability when flown. The flight time itself is around 7 minutes once a charge. A 0.3 megapixel camera is present so you can take pictures or record videos from time to time. The right choice for beginners.
2. Syma X5C Explorer


Syma is intended for beginners like Hubsan X4, Syma also has a 6-axis gyroscope. Each propeller is equipped with a protector, while the camera resolution of 2 megapixels. Because of its larger size, the battery it has is also bigger; flight time is about 12 minutes 1 battery (one charge). Compared to Hubsan X4, the controller has more complete functions.


3. Blade Nano QX

This drone is really intended for users who want to master techniques and maneuvers without bothering thinking about recording photos or videos, there is absolutely no camera or dreadlocks on his body. There are two modes of flight that are the mainstay: Stability and Agility, each tailored to the level of mastery and user needs. Its very small size makes it ideal for indoor use.
4. Parrot Bebop

Bebop is the successor to the AR Drone 2.0 with the latest design, cooler and more compact. It is powered by an 8 x faster processor than the AR Drone 2.0, and the camera is ready to record 1080p 30 fps video and 14 megapixel photos in a very wide 180 degree angle.

Equipped with a 3-axis digital stabilizer, it has become a characteristic of Parrot. You can control this drone using an android smartphone or iPhone tablet.
5. DJI Phantom 2 + H4-3D


We assume you all know this one drone. The new version is already out, but the price is a little ‘naughty’. If you have an unemployed GoPro, you can hook DJI Phantom 2 with this H4-3D or H3-3D dreadlocks (depending on the type of GoPro you have, Hero-4 or Hero-3).


What are the advantages compared to the others? Stability while flying and dreadlocks are quite effective at reducing shocks. The battery can last up to 25 minutes non-stop. Too bad the stock in Indonesia is not too much.

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