12 Tips on Caring for Lens Camera and Its Equipment

Tips on Caring for Lens Camera and Its Equipment

Do not just make and raise the camera and lens. Occasionally take note, care and rights. Like a woman. Treat well you will get more.

Tips Caring for Cameras and Lenses No 5 No Nyet Banget

  1. Use your camera naturally & normally according to the ability fitur2 which owned by camera.
  2. Read the manual book on how to use.
  3. Keep your camera in a dry, clean & non-dusty room or place.
  4. If your hands are sweaty & moist, Wipe & clean your camera after use, before saving.
  5. Do not keep the camera in the bag. Remember, the bag is just for carrying, not a place to store.
  6. Try not to keep the camera in a wooden cabinet, wrap it in a cloth. It will invite mushrooms to grow in your camera.
  7. If you do not have a dry box / cabinet, do not add bohlamp to the storage room. The heat radiation from the bohlamp can shorten the sharpness of the lens & sensor, it will also make the camera LCD fast vignet. Especially on the LCD that can not be folded in DSLR & Mirrorless. Simply put in a styrofoam box or white cork box.
  8. If you store the camera in a display case, try to provide a base with a stirofoam / white cork sheet. Many are sold in stationery & stationery. Glass window will make the room temperature quickly change. So do not forget to give a stirofoam base.
  9. Keep the camera away from perfume, cosmetics, hairspray & other fragrances. This will make the fungal spores quickly multiply. Do not add camphor or mothballs to the storage area. Mothballs will quickly make PCB corrosion circuits.
  10. Avoid using / storing the camera in extreme temperature conditions. Temperatures that are too cold can make flexible carbon shrink & loosen glue locking socket. Overheating temperatures can make coating glue & lubricant dry lens components quickly.
  11. Use USB on camera to move data. Do not get used to remove the memory & data transfer via card reader. Data transfer via USB will minimize the risk of corrupt memory & virus infection.
  12. If using a card reader, note the speed of data transfer that can be handled by cardreader TSB. Do not get used to move data from memory extreme yg speed 90 mbps by using card reader for $1. Because High speed card reader data transfer price is quite expensive.

That’s 12 Tips Caring for Camera and Lens. Hopefully useful, if you have any questions please post a comment column.

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