11 Daily Foods That Can Cause Cancer

11 Daily Foods That Can Cause Cancer

Did you know that more than 20,000 people died of cancer every day?

This disease can even attack anyone regardless of age or gender.

Cancer or also known as cancer is a type of disease associated with irregularities and cell responses in the body. Usually, these cells will increase according to their rules to enable body growth and recovery after injury. However, sometimes these cells increase abnormally causing abnormal tumors.

Cancer cells can occur anywhere in the body and it can spread to other parts and then spread the virus throughout the body. This cell spreads the effects of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

For those who practice unhealthy lifestyle as always stressed, lack of sports, lack of control of nutrition, or excess weight are highly susceptible to various types of cancer.


Local symptoms:
Typically humps or tumors, hemorrhage bleeding, pain and / or ulcer. Pressure to surrounding tissue may cause symptoms like yellow fever.

Metastatic symptoms (spread):
Lymph glands, coughs and hemoptysis, hepatomegaly (swollen liver), bone pain, bone with cracking and neurological symptoms. Although advanced cancer may cause illness, it is not the first sign.

Systemic symptoms:
Weight loss, anorexia and kakeksia (skinny), excessive sweating (night sweats), anemia and special paraneoplastik phenomena, examples. Specific conditions caused by active cancer, such as thrombosis or hormonal changes.



1. Food is at BBQ

2. The food is fried with plenty of oils such as fried banana, sweet potatoes, potato fries & wedges, chips.

3. Meat cooked with fire or very high temperature.

4. Foods that are preserved with excess salt or nitrate. Examples: canned food, eggs & salted vegetables, sausage, smoked meat.

5. Rice kept long. (contains aflatoxin)

6. Foods that reduce fiber and high trans fat.

7. Dried bread and bread stored over 2 days in hot weather can cause liver cancer.

8. Internal organs such as liver, kidney and brain brains.

9. Dairy products as most cattle are injected with Growth Hormone where Growth hormone supports the development of cell cancer.

10. Gourmet foods.

11. Food containing MSG.

Cancer attacks will have a great impact on one’s life. It is therefore appropriate for each individual to maintain good health to prevent this disease from stages by practicing a healthy lifestyle and regular health screening.

Will But Do You Know Can Cancer Be Cured?
You can check for cancer prevention at KPJ Hospital. In fact, for those who have recently been diagnosed with cancer, know that you can still be treated for a medical treatment at the hospital.

There are various methods of treating cancer that are now used such as surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Target Therapy, and Immunotherapy.

Do not let your time pass to lament cancer because cancer is not an end to a life.

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